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Welcome to my page! I’m excited to meet you and bring you inspiring and worthwhile content that adds value to your life. Sometimes, it will be a reality check, just so you know I’m a “doing my best” type of mom, just like you. Other times, I’ll share words of wisdom, things I’ve learned in my almost 16 years as a mom; maybe it’ll help younger moms with littles stay sane. I’ll also share tips and tricks to make your life a little easier; who couldn’t use a handy life hack? Finally, I’ll bring you along for the ride as I launch this blog and my writing career; a total mid-life career overhaul for me.

Now for a little introduction and background, so you know whose page you’ve stumbled upon. My name is Jill. Not Jillian or anything else more interesting; just Jill. I was born and raised in South Dakota, the heart of the Midwest. I currently live with my husband and two teenage sons on an acreage about a half hour’s drive from where I grew up, a home my parents still live in to this day. My in-laws live a half hour in the other direction, so my kids are blessed to have their extended family close by and in their lives.

I received a Bachelor’s degree in Business; then, since I’m a glutton for punishment, I went back to school and got my MBA shortly before getting married and starting a family. I wouldn’t recommend going to night school, planning a wedding, building a house, and house-training a puppy all at the same time, however. That was a bit brutal.

My husband is a carpenter by trade, so he built us a couple houses along the way. They say if your marriage can survive the building of a house, you’ve got it made. Since we’ve done it 3 times, we should be safe! The most recent build was our lake home, in the summer of 2020. As if that year wasn’t stressful enough! We managed to get materials and supplies before the pandemic brought home-building to a screeching halt. We love lake season and are so excited it’s just beginning for this year.

Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride called life! I aim to make it worth your while. Feel free to pull up a seat and your drink of choice, and let’s get to know one another!

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